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whitening face cream
whitening face cream
WHITENING CREAM Face | Elaine Perine
whitening face cream
WHITENING CREAM Face | Elaine Perine

WHITENING CREAM Face | Elaine Perine


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What better way is there to clean and clear your face of blemishes than the Elaine Perine face whitening cream? Its formulation consists of 100% plant-based ingredients that have been tried and tested to be effective at whitening the face. Licorice extract, for instance, is popular for its ability to fade dark spots and brighten the skin. Not to mention that it has been used for medicinal purposes for time immemorial.

HIGHLIGHTS Lightening Cream

  • This face lightening cream is vegan-friendly
  • It has not been tested on animals
  • Comes in a small container but a little goes a long way
  • Moisturizes and repairs damaged skin
  • Brightens the skin by 26% after 9 days of regular use

This face lightening cream is made to fade away dark spots quickly within the first two weeks of regular use. You can use it both on your face and neck to achieve evenly smooth, supple, and light skin in no time at all. Besides, this bleaching face cream is backed by a full-refund policy that ensures you get your money back if you don’t see any results within the specified duration.

How to use
  • Use immediately after washing your face
  • Put a little of the cream into your palm
  • Rub gently on your face and around your neck
  • Use one to two times every day for better results after 4 weeks

    • Item Form > Cream
    • Brand Elaine > Perine
    • Target Gender > Female
    • Quantity >50ml

    • Lemon extracts (citrus lime extract)
    • Licorice extracts (Glycyrrhiza Glabra root extract)
    • Shea Butter
    • Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate)
    • Titanium dioxide